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  • Herniated or Bulging Discs   
  • Back/Neck Pain

Do you suffer from any of the above spinal problems and are looking to avoid the possibility of risky surgery? If so please read about Dr. Sizenbach's Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression program.

There is great news as recent improvements in technology have developed a new and effective Non-Surgical treatment (for Bulging Discs, Sciatica, Spinal Stenosis and Neck/Back pain) called SpineMED® Decompression therapy.

SpineMED® therapy is FDA cleared, painless, does not involve any drugs or surgery, and has research showing its effectiveness. (research 

Spinal Decompression Works Because....

When the discs in your spine are damaged they often pinch the nerves. This can cause pain, tingling, numbness, weakness or other symptoms.

These damaged discs seldom heal because they remain under constant pressure from gravity, even while a person is at rest. Decompression is designed to reduce pressure inside the discs by gently separating or distracting the injured spinal segments thus reducing your pain.

Under distraction, pressure on the disc is relieved; thus allowing fluids, nutrients and oxygen to flow back into disc. This nutrient exchange helps kick starts your body's natural healing process and can eventually heal damaged spinal discs.

Surgery is Often Not Needed

Decompression therapy typically takes 15 minutes to perform and the treatments are extremely gentle. In fact it’s not uncommon for patients to fall asleep during treatment. 

After adding Decompression therapy to our treatment protocol our patients results have significantly improved all the while providing a more gentle treatment experience.

In combination with Decompression therapy, Dr. Sizenbach performs other treatments to complete the healing process. Rest assured these treatments are extremely gentile and provide a more complete healing of the disc and supporting tissues.

For those who follow Dr. Sizenbach's treatment protocol find our treatment program to be highly effective. 

Let Us See If We Can Help

Want to see how it all works? Please watch Dr. Sizenbach's video above and if you are interested please Call us at 402-397-1800 to schedule a consultation to see if we can help. Or you can schedule online and a representative from our office will call you.

*Patient Testimonial
Mary, D
*Patient Testimonial
"18 Months later and I'm still pain free!"
-Jeff, Omaha
*Patient Testimonial
-Jim, Omaha
SpineMED® Therapy is a Highly effective treatment for:
"See Our Non-Surgical Treatments for Spinal available in Omaha!"
Functional Wellness Center of Omaha
SpineMED Herniated Disc and Sciatica Therapy

  • Spinal Stenosis
  • Sciatica

 Please Watch Dr. Sizenbach Explaining SpineMED therapy
*Patient Testimonial
“I've tried everything from 
chiropractic, physical therapy, 
massage, and excercise with  limited 
results. I've had pain down my legs 
since i was a teenager and was 
unable to perform many activities. In 
only a few treatments with the 
spinemed decompression table I can 
now excercise and do most anything 
without pain. I recommend spinal 
decompression to everyone. ”

*Nicole, Omaha
*Patient Testimonial
"I was diagnosed with a bulging disc in my lower back. I could barely sleep throughout the night and the pain unbelievable. 

After only a few treatments on the decompression table I can now sleep throughout the night and the pain is alot less. "

*Rich H., Bellevue, Ne
*Patient Testimonial
"I originally came in with severe lower back pain that went down to my knees. The treatments i tried before were just hands on adjustments that were short term relief. It didn't fix the problem for the long term.

After completing treatment i no longer have back pain and working has been alot easier.

I would recommend these treatments because it worked well."

*Scott R, Omaha
*"I didn't think this would work."
To see what she had to say watch Judy's (Omaha) testimonial.
*Patient Testimonial
"I came into the office with severe shooting pain down my right leg and paralyzing pain in my lower lumbar area. 

After completing treatment I have virtually no pain. I can DANCE!

I would recommend these treatments because I can get out of bed and walk with no pain!"

*Glenda, Omaha
*Testimonials Disclaimer: We do not guarantee results or promise a cure of any disease or ailment. Results will vary based on age of the person, condition, patient follow thru, damage to the spine, and many other factors. Everyone responds different to treatment. We do not claim that they are typical results that consumers will generally achieve.

Frequently Asked Questions About Decompression Therapy

1. What is Decompression Therapy?

Spinal Decompression is a non-surgical and drug-free treatment for disc related injuries of the neck and lower back. Spinal Disc Decompression uses computer-aided technology to apply gentle, non-surgical decompression to your spine, increasing circulation into the spinal discs and joints, thus helping to relieve the symptoms that cause pain.

2. How is this different from Traction or an inversion table?

When muscles that hold your spine together are pulled for to long they contract and resist. Since traction and inversion tables are a constant pull, the muscles often guard against this and resist. When this happens it cannot create enough negative pressure to allow the disc to repair.

Decompression therapy works by reducing this muscles resistance. This creates more negative pressure in the disc which ultimately helps it repair. 

3. Do you use any other treatments along with the Decompression? 

Yes. Decompression is just one part of our process.  We incorporate other treatments and therapies to help speed up the healing process. Rest assured these treatments and modalities are very gentle and are designed to help the healing process. 

We also will advise the patient on any stretching and exercises for at home care. 

4. Is there any research showing the effectiveness of Decompression Therapy? 

Yes. Please click on the link here to see research articles on Decompression Therapy.  

5. Are the treatments painful? 

No. Spinal Decompression is totally safe and comfortable for all subjects. It is not uncommon for some patients to fall asleep during treatment. 

Spinal Disc Decompression has shown to be safe and without side effects or complications once abnormal conditions have been ruled out.

6. What Results can I expect?

It is unethical to guarantee a cure. But Results may differ from patient to patient based on many factors such as Age, condition, length of time, and other health factors. Often times a patient experiences some relief within the first few (3-7) treatments. Usually by the 12th to 18th treatment most patients have reported some remission of symptoms. 

7. Can Spinal Decompression be used for patients that have had spinal surgery?  

Yes. In fact many patients have found success with Spinal Decompression after a failed back surgery. Ultimately the Doctor will determine if Decompression therapy will be beneficial in your particular case. 

8. Am I eligible for Decompression Therapy?

The most common types of conditions that are successfully treated with spinal decompression therapy are (but not limited to): Disc bulges (herniations, slipped, or bulging), sciatica (leg pain), disc disease, stenosis, arm pain, neck, and back pain. The best way to know is to call us for an appointment to see if you are a good candidate.
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